The Eye Of The Storm In A Single Room

NYCA couple of exciting projects of mine have come out today. One has been a long time coming, whilst the other one is something I didn’t realize would pan out so quickly. I’m hoping that you guys enjoy these. It isn’t everyday that writing produces a reward other than itself.

Demanding Moar (Interview)

Around six months ago, I was both delighted and surprised when KB Meniado of Bookbed contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to do an interview with them. I was thrilled, and very excited–basically, I’m always like “A THOUSAND TIMES YES” whenever I meet someone who is interested in talking about reading, and helping proliferate it as a habit. Reading this interview as it came out was momentous, especially as we’re halfway into the year: it’s like here, this is what you said you would do at the beginning of 2015. So far, not bad.

Friend Crushes: Dealing With Awkward Attraction (Non-Fiction)

Last week, my friend Nico asked if I wanted to write a couple of articles for Scout Magazine. I said yes because, hell, why not? Scout is fun, it’s interesting, and they have a lot of really funny articles on there. It has been my experience that when one is told “we’ll publish your work soon”, that usually means a quarter behind, at least. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that my work was running today.

I decided to write about friend crushes because they’re a deeply moving experience: funny, a little sad, and over-all, unnerving. Plus, you know, they happen to all of us. I really hope you guys enjoy this!

Cheers, and goodnight! :)

Reverse-TBT: Things To Do, Soon-ish

show me those electric bones

So, it’s Thursday–just like that, the week that I have been both dreading, and looking forward to is almost finished. After this, I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands, and we’ll be back to regular programming. While, I love #TBT because it allows me to appreciate days that are gone, today, I feel more like looking at the future (kinda). Here are some things that I would really, really like to do soon-ish.

Arrange the next MoarBooks bookclub meeting 

This was supposed to be in July, but I hadn’t foreseen that I would be so damn busy this month–so much so that I haven’t so much as cracked The Bone Clocks open since May, so maybe it’ll end up being in early August. I’m both very excited, and on edge about whether it’ll be a good read. My expectations are quite high, as one blurb directly compares it to Dr. Who.

Get inked (again)

Since my last two tattoos have healed (photo here), I have been itching to get a new tattoo. Usually, I like to wait a good year++ before getting inked again just to settle into the way that the new piece looks/feels, but I may get a new piece sooner rather than later. I have been aching to get my flower piece finished (I’m going to have an armband done, in blooms–I already have around half of it done), and to get something smaller, as well. Maybe a moon, or something mystical-looking? Not sure, yet, but I have been looking at a ton of different pegs, and am determined to have my arm (at least) finished before the year ends.

Get a haircut

I can always tell that I’m about to go and get a haircut whenever I think about growing my hair out. “Maybe, I should go back to having a lion’s mane–or you know, cut it all off.” Thing is, I feel like I should have cut my hair sooner, but I haven’t found anything interesting to do to it. But maybe, maybe I’ll grow it out again (some other time).

Go dance for hours 

I’m going to a couple of parties, and gigs in the coming weeks. While I have a spotify playlist I am quite proud of called Dance, Betchit is nothing compared to being able to watch music played live, and get your groove on. The last band I saw live was The 1975 back in January. So, that’s saying something. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Riot Act, Sandwich, Tandems ’91, Ourselves The Elves, and Andrew McMahon.

Have a listening party 

Every so often, I’ll download or stream a new album release (or maybe an album that is new to me) by a favorite, or newly discovered artist, and spend an hour or two listening to it on high-def speakers/earphones. I haven’t done that in a while. Most songs are enjoyed in transit, on the fringes of everyday activities, and there is something nice about just sitting down to listen to a good record. I haven’t done this since discovering Hozier last year.

Go out of town

While most people my age (at least from what I can tell from browsing Facebook, and IG) are concerned with travelling or “getting out there”, I feel like I have been more concerned with making the most of where I have decided to stay put. I would like to get out of the city sometime in the foreseeable future. That would be nice.


I remember reading this interview of Brian Fallon’s once where he said he really wanted to write some good nighttime music. While BFalls definitely wrote some great nighttime songs, I think that the ultimate nighttime music will have to go to The National, especially for Trouble Will Find Me.

They have a song on there called Fireproof which never ceases to make me feel better. It goes, You are not the only one/ to sit awake while the wild feelings leave you.

It has been a while since I could not fall asleep. I am usually in bed by 10 or 11 at night. This might be the odd combination of being sleepy for more than half the day and then having coffee in the early evening, or of having nothing to eat and then suddenly having donuts. Maybe it is shock from somehow finding free writing ineffective today (which I do not understand, because it is usually a relief to get things off one’s chest).

For some reason, the only things that I can write about lately are things that I would never actually write about. Or stories that I don’t think I can stomach to see published because of how people would find them. It makes me so sad. I am convinced there is a way to get it done. I am convinced that somehow, everything has an equivalent that will be tolerable–perhaps not as good as the real thing, but passable. I feel like I am on a hunt for generic drugs, for diet Cola. I keep trying to write these stories without actually writing them. My friend Chubz put it this way: substituting lemons for limes. But how much alteration until you have a different dish altogether?