On The Other Side // A Katipunan Adventure

This month (September) has dragged on for what feels like forever. I feel a little bit unnerved because I still have so many things to write, read, and review/film for my channel–this whole month has felt like something’s gotta give and yet nothing has so here I am. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Katipunan with the rest of Plural to attend/panel at … Continue reading On The Other Side // A Katipunan Adventure

as long as it

As Long As It Matters

Song referenced here. It has been more than a year since I moved from the suburbs to the city: this place that is always, always humming even as you turn yourself off for the night. I keep thinking about the struggle of being here–of separating myself from family, of having to pay for everything that I do, of needing to be aware of the procurement … Continue reading As Long As It Matters


Plural @ The Kritika Kultura Reading Series

I’m very jazzed to be attending the Kritika Kultura┬áreading series with the rest of the Plural editors this coming Tuesday, September 15. We’re going to be talking about prose, how we’re contributing to it, and what it means to find a place for experimentation in such a traditionally rigid landscape. We’re also going to be reading (haha, if it wasn’t obvious from the title) some … Continue reading Plural @ The Kritika Kultura Reading Series


My Life Has Become A Boring Pop Song

There’s nothing like going to see an artist you’ve waited around 10 years for to cull the mean reds. The Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness show was a balm for my worn out researcher soul. My day job involves (basically) the curation of articles on supply-chain disasters and so not just reading about, but essentially looking for things that go terribly, terribly wrong eventually takes … Continue reading My Life Has Become A Boring Pop Song