Live A Little // An (Uno) Morato Adventure

I feel like I have become the sort of person who sees every occasion to get out of Makati as a special one–something that needs a lot of planning, and careful consideration, and sometimes, a whole lot of not-actually-doing-it; the older I’ve gotten the more difficult I’ve found it to do spontaneous things. On one hand, that means I’m able to stick to my deadlines … Continue reading Live A Little // An (Uno) Morato Adventure


Dark Sparkler

This is me ending the month of August with a bang. This collection of poems is one of the most put together, most haunting, and most disturbing that I have read. For those of you who haven’t heard of this yet, it’s a collection of poems about actresses who died before their time–some familiar “faces” are Sharon Tate, Brittany Murphy, Marilyn Monroe. I walked┬áinto the … Continue reading Dark Sparkler