Be Whoever You Want To Be // Halloween Adventures

This post is so freaking late. So! Yes, Halloween. Ye Hallows is my favorite holiday because a) it’s the one holiday when you can dress up in a way that isn’t “great” in the normal sense of the word, b) there are no religious obligations whatsoever and c) you don’t have to give anyone gifts but can still have a good time. This was by … Continue reading Be Whoever You Want To Be // Halloween Adventures


All of Time & Space // An Inking Adventure

I have been waiting to get this tattoo for what feels like ages. Last year, I fell in love with Doctor Who and was charmed by Doctor after Doctor after Doctor (also breaking my heart time after time after time). One of the most difficult things for me was to move on from loving the Tenth Doctor and into loving the Eleventh–not because 11 was … Continue reading All of Time & Space // An Inking Adventure

Fictional Crushes

Fictional Crushes | Tag

So. What with Halloween and all the dressing up that’s been going on for me over the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about characters that have appealed to me over the years. What makes you a Velma or a Daphne, a Betty or a Veronica? What is it that makes some characters perform vis-a-vis character tropes? What makes others fail? Moreover, what … Continue reading Fictional Crushes | Tag